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Congress Governance Committee meets in Orleans

Congress Governance Committee meets in Orleans

The members of the Congress Governance Committee met in Orleans (France) on 7 June 2016. They exchanged views with Claude Haegi, former President of the Congress, on cross-border taxation, in particular the fair distribution of revenues and expenditure between border regions.

The preliminary draft report on “Preventing corruption and promoting public ethics at local and regional levels” was discussed in depth. It sets out a comprehensive roadmap, including a review of the European code of conduct for the political integrity of local and regional elected representatives and of local co-operation activities to combat corruption on the ground. The preliminary draft reports on “Gender budgeting”, “Good governance in metropolitan areas” and “Open data for better public services” were also approved by the committee

Lastly, Marie-Madeleine Mialot Muller (France, SOC), who was chairing the committee for the last time, presented the study on regionalisation, with the dual objective of confirming the actual existence of regional institutions and assessing trends in regionalisation in each member country.